Friday, April 3, 2015

Amazon Dash Button - Block Chain - Internet Of Things

Amazon Dash Button

Is Amazon Using Block Chain Technology?

Amazon Dash Button has been announced on April 1st and people around the world thought it'd be an April Fools' hoax.

But Amazon is very serious about this announcement, and its intentions to enter on the Internet Of Things market are clear.

We have already wrote about the IBM Adept toolkit, which uses the block chain technology in order to connect devices, like a Samsung's washing machine, to the IoT network and perform similar tasks that the Amazon's Dash Button perform, with the exception that IBM Adept does not require a human interaction, while Amazon Dash Button does.

So we can extrapolate the Amazon's use case, and preview tthat Amazon will release Dash's APIs in order to allow direct integrations with IBM Adept's block chain technology.