Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Paul Brody, the Leader of IBM's Block Chain projet has left

Gigaom reported yesterday that Paul Brody, the man in charge of selling mobile and internet of things services to business in North America for IBM, left the company as of Tuesday.

Brody is also the man who was spearheading a really interesting technology idea that combined Ethereum’s block-chain based decentralized platform and programming language with BitTorrent and some code called Telehash to create an entirely new framework for building software for the internet of things.

The IoT IBM's project will poursue without Brody at IBM to lead it, but he said John Cohn, an IBM fellow, and Veena Pureswaran, global electronics industry lead, will continue with the project, as will folks at Samsung.

The only Tweet I found about its departure was not published by himself but from the Gigaom's article author :